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Welcome to Mountain Fit Personal Training, as your devoted Personal Trainer in Carlisle, I specialize in tailoring one-on-one personal training programs to unlock your potential in mountain sports, day-to-day life or weight lose. 

My comprehensive approach extends beyond in-person sessions and can be seamlessly integrated with our personalized online running coaching programs. Whether you are a mountain walker, trail runner, climbing enthusiast, or pursuing a weight loss journey, my expertise is finely tuned to meet your unique needs.

In my role as your Personal Trainer, my mission is to guide you in cultivating strength, endurance, and agility while minimizing the risk of injuries. Simultaneously, our training programs are designed to support your weight loss journey and enhance overall fitness and mobility.

Collaboration is pivotal to our training philosophy. Working closely with you, I craft a personalized one-on-one training plan addressing your strengths, and areas for improvement, and aligning with your weight loss objectives.

Recognizing each client’s uniqueness, our meticulously tailored training plans cater to specific needs, including weight loss goals. My expertise lies in developing your strength, endurance, and agility or supporting your weight loss journey, ensuring a holistic approach to your overall well-being.

To initiate your transformative journey, I offer a complimentary consultation to all new clients. This enables us to thoroughly evaluate your requirements, goals, and current fitness level, facilitating the creation of a holistic training plan precisely attuned to your unique needs and weight loss objectives.

Embark on your journey to peak fitness and holistic wellness with Mountain Fit, where Personal Training sessions are exclusively held at Everlast Gym in Carlisle. Known for its exceptional facilities, Everlast Gym offers personal training without the need for membership; your entry cost is covered by my fees.

I offer the following Personal training packages: One off training sessions: £40 per session | Monthly training: £150 pm | Remote PT: £120 pm for more details about what is included in each package see below. I think your be amazed by the value and how much you get.


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Mountain Fit Personal Training offers a transformative fitness experience amidst the stunning Lake District. Specializing in mountain sports, strength and conditioning and weight loss, my structured training reduces injury risks while enhancing overall fitness. With personalized plans, we guide you to conquer challenging terrains, climb higher or run longer or just feel amazing and have better quality of life with a Free consultations, both in-person for locals and through Zoom for global accessibility, ensure tailored coaching. Join us to elevate your fitness journey against the breathtaking backdrop of the Lake District.

  1. Single session:£40 Single 1 hour session

    ☑️ Pay as you go

    ☑️ One-off session up to 1 hour long

    ☑️ Limited access to Everlast gym facilities


  2. Full package: £150 Min 2 months commitment

    ☑️ 2 sessions per week at 1 hour long – £18.75 per session saving £170

    ☑️ Personalised program to follow outside of your sessions with Jack

    ☑️ 1 bring a friend along at no extra cost per month

    ☑️ Full access to Everlast gym facilities

    ☑️ Cancel anytime after 2 months.

  3. Remote personal training: £120 A min of 2 month commitment

    ☑️ Customised program you can do at home, in the gym, in a park anywhere!

    ☑️ Weekly check-ins

    ☑️ 1 live online training session per week

    ☑️  Bespoke training and nutrition plans

    ☑️ Virtual onboarding

    ☑️ Cancel anytime after 2 months.

Personal training in Carlisle is a one-on-one fitness service provided by a qualified and experienced personal trainer. It involves personalized workout programs, nutritional guidance, and lifestyle coaching tailored to meet your specific goals and needs.

Hiring a personal trainer in Carlisle offers numerous advantages. They provide expertise and accountability, ensuring that your workouts are effective, safe, and aligned with your goals. Personal trainers also offer motivation, support, and personalized guidance to help you overcome challenges, stay on track, and achieve optimal results.

During a personal training session in Carlisle, your trainer will assess your current fitness level, discuss your goals, and create a customized training plan. Sessions may include a variety of exercises, such as cardio, strength training, flexibility work, and functional movements, based on your specific needs and preferences. Your trainer will provide guidance, correct your form, and adjust the intensity as needed to maximize your progress.

Personal training in Carlisle is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced athletes. Whether you’re aiming to lose weight, build muscle, improve cardiovascular endurance, or enhance overall fitness, a personal trainer can design a program tailored to your goals and help you navigate your fitness journey effectively.

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