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Terms and Conditions for Mountain Fit Online Running and Personal Training Services

Welcome to Mountain Fit’s online running and personal training services! We are delighted to have you as a client. Before you proceed, please carefully read and understand the following Terms and Conditions, which govern the use of our services. By accessing or using our online running and personal training services and making a payment, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


1.1. Mountain Fit provides personalized online running coaching services and personal training services, including exercise programs, fitness assessments, nutritional guidance, and support through virtual or in-person sessions.

1.2. These services are provided by certified running coaches and personal trainers. However, please note that they do not substitute for professional medical advice or treatment.

Client Responsibilities:

2.1. You confirm that you are in good physical health and have consulted with a healthcare professional regarding your ability to participate in physical exercise.

2.2. You understand and assume full responsibility for any injury, illness, or damages that may occur during or as a result of your participation in our training programs.

2.3. You are required to provide accurate and up-to-date information about your health, medical history, and any other relevant factors that may impact your training.

2.4. As part of the enrollment process, you must complete the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) and the Health Questionnaire provided by Mountain Fit.

Personalized Training Programs:

3.1. Upon enrollment, you will receive a personalized training program based on your goals, current fitness level, and preferences.

3.2. Individual results may vary, and it is recommended to follow the program closely. However, any modifications are at your own risk, and Mountain Fit shall not be held liable for any consequences.

Payment and Refunds:

4.1. By making a payment, you agree to pay the specified fees for Mountain Fit’s online running coaching and personal training services.

4.2. Payments are typically made in advance for a specified period, and accepted payment methods will be communicated during the enrollment process.

4.3. Any cancellation will incur a £25 cancelation fee.  

4.4. You have up to 48 hours “cooling off period” after you purchase a monthly subscription to cancel. Before that time Mountain Fit will issue a full refund. After such time no refund will be given.

Intellectual Property:

5.1. All content and materials provided as part of Mountain Fit’s services, including exercise programs, workout videos, and nutritional guidance, are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights.

5.2. You may use these materials for personal use only and are not authorized to reproduce, distribute, or modify them without prior written consent from Mountain Fit.


6.1. Your privacy is important to us. We handle your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

6.2. We collect and store certain information to provide our services and improve our offerings, but we do not disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent, except as required by law.


7.1. Mountain Fit reserves the right to terminate or suspend your access to our services at any time and for any reason, including violation of these terms and conditions or engaging in inappropriate or harmful conduct.

By proceeding with the payment, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by these terms and conditions for Mountain Fit’s online running and personal training services.

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